Our services include:

Implementation and Training

  • Pre-analysis and technical visits for a fast, assertive and efficient implementation;
  • In company monitoring during and after implementation period, ensuring increased productivity;
  • Directed training for all users, from the agent to the manager and system administrator;
  • Illustrated manuals with a step-by-step.

Technical Support

Our team is highly qualified, operating in business hours for so-called non-urgent adjustments and 24/7 on an emergency basis. Our goal will always be to commit to the continuity of your production!

  • 99% SLA of guaranteed by contract;
  • Personalized service;
  • Real Time Monitoring.

Monitoring of key parameters 24/7, to ensure the quality of your operation:

    • Load on processors;
    • Memory;
    • Use of disk space;
    • Enabling Internet link;
    • Signal alignment of E1’s channels, among other items.
    • Backup
    • Every night, the monitoring system performs backups of the settings. Thus, your application is protected and quickly comes back to run if needed to restore any hardware.


Continuous improvement tool with semi-annual version upgrades at no additional charge. Our goal is to present the lastest news at the highest technology, thus always being ahead of the market.