Quality Monitoring Management

Quality Monitoring Management allows a 360-degree monitoring and development of agents. By analyzing the recordings available, the supervisor applies the previously configured form, designed specifically for each operation, to grade the agent’s performance according to various standards.

The system can create categories of questions, non-compliance and major faults, being applied to employees/agents and supervisors/monitors.

  • Evaluation based on call recording;
  • Creation of customized assessment forms;
  • Assignment of item values and question groups;
  • 360-degree assessment;
  • Qualification of assessment by the agent;
  • Report for assessment follow-up
  • Graphics for result analysis;
  • Assignment of numeric grades;
  • Ranking creation for easier feedback;
  • Configurable forms according to customers’ needs;
  • Employee/agent monitoring progress;
  • Employee/agent monitoring report;
  • Supervisor/evaluator monitoring report;
  • Non-compliance report;
  • Allows creation of questions categories;
  • Allows creation of major fault categories;