Total IP voice solution is housed in a SIP SERVER platform, integrated with T1/E1, digital and analog extensions, where your company will find all of the features of a PBX and countless features of a platform developed for contact centers. Total IP PBX is also cloud-ready to use!

Another advantage is its access, which is made through a web-friendly, intuitive screen, with a real-time vision of your business, allowing quick settings and streamlining your company’s strategic and decision-making processes.

Below are some features included in this module:

  • ACD (Automatic Call Distributor);
  • Contacts;
  • Web-based management of users, groups and permissions;
  • Conference call;
  • Incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Voicemail with new message alert and option to receive it by email;
  • Multi-user voice mail;
  • Immediate or scheduled redial;
  • Mute and on-hold with institutional message;
  • Transfer with assisted consultation;
  • Pick-up group call;
  • Follow me to landline or cell;
  • CRM integration (Click to Dial);
  • Dial-in permission system (by call type);
  • Black list (numbers not allowed to be contacted);
  • White list (numbers allowed);
  • Smart lowest cost dial route system;
  • On-hold music or institutional message;
  • Opening hours message when office is closed;
  • Inbound IVR (automated service);
  • Automatic or manual opening and closing of the call center;
  • Graphic reports with details of each outbound or inbound call, in real time, made through the available links and their corresponding values;
  • Set-up of agents’ shift hours;
  • Remote access and Home Office.

Integration of branch offices: Your company can achieve substantial cost reduction by connecting your branches, with automatic and intelligent routing to countless SIP connections and/or T1/E1, or GSM cell lines, always at the lowest cost.