Outbound Least Cost Router

Does your company spend too much with cell phone bills? We have the solution for cost reduction: the Outbound Least Cost Router! Our software identifies which carrier number is to be dialed and makes the call using SIM cards of the same carrier. See how simple it works, with the following functionalities:

  • Database with the portability of numbers, considering “carriers x mobile numbers”;
  • Use the links or SIM cards of carriers which are compatible with calls to cell phones at low cost;
  • Minute control and billing (bilhetagem) by link or SIM card;     ·
  • Auto lock for contracts with minute packages per SIM card.

Call Back – reduction of costs for representatives with cell phones

The risk of missed or dropped calls from customers can be reduced through the monitoring of queues and incoming channels, offering the customer the option of being contacted at any given time. The system can register the phone of an employee who works on the road. The system will then refuse the call and return it right away, using the lowest-cost route for the company, saving the employee the cost of the call and reducing overall the telephone bill.