Multiple Dialers

The auto-dialer is the ideal solution to increase the companies’ productivity of sales, collection, surveys, among others telemarketing industry to reach its customers effectively.

Our solution discards the first three unproductive steps of an operation: to seek a customer, to dial and to avoid non-effective contacts (no answer, busy, non-working numbers and answering machine). Thus, only the dialed numbers that actually answer the call will be transferred to agents, increasing productivity by more than 45%.

Main features include:

  • Creating campaigns with different dial strategies;
  • Voicemail detection; non-working number, congested route, etc.;
  • Own algorithm to maintain constant load on agents;
  • Call Center Blended Operation, inbound and outbound dialer at a constant load;
  • Configurable dial modes – Preview, Power, Predictive and Predictive Plus;
  • Reticence strategies for busy numbers, no answers, etc;
  • Configurable priority to dial customers’ numbers;
  • Maximum scheduling limit per agent;
  • Pause (in seconds) between dialer calls (after-service break);
  • Maximum channel utilization limit allowed;
  • Blocking and permission of area codes according to time zone and daylight saving time;
  • Import of lists to dial;
  • Export of results of campaigns via API or file;
  • Integration with Outbound IVR, TTS and Reverse IVR;
  • Filter per parameter, values and fields.


  • Campaign Scheduling;
  • Real-Time Campaigns;
  • Real-time monitoring of dialer calls;
  • Campaign Results by customer;
  • Campaign Results by Call;
  • Tabbing Report: shows every single call and all results of your campaign;
  • End of Mailing alert;
  • Monitoring of campaign group.
Type Description
Predictive Autodial, based on average time of customer service in operation.
Power Autodial, trigging the call according to the availability of an agent.
Preview Semi-automatic dial, performed by the agent through an outbound campaign.
Predictive Plus Autodial, based on average time of agents idleness in operation.