E-mail Management

Total IP has developed the E-mail Management, a platform increasing productivity and quality in customer service. The new tool comes along the biggest trend in the customer service relationship: the omni-channel.

Some highlights are:

  • Priority of e-mails by keyword;
  • History of conversations;
  • Schedule sending;
  • Return of e-mail to the same agent;
  • Filters and rules for distribution;
  • Finisher tabbing status;
  • E-mail validation by the manager;
  • Real time monitoring of answers;
  • Available in cloud or local server;
  • Working hours setup.

Features include automatic e-mail opening, multiple accounts, attachment, monitoring of forbidden words and delivery priority by agent skill. Drafts can be saved for later editing and sending. The manager has the possibility to redistribute them at any time.

Other highlights are the standard answers, added with just one click in a quick search of content. Categories and subcategories can be easily configured.