Contact Center Reports

For your contact center’s best results, your company needs accurate indicators for quick decision-making. Our tools include:

  • Status of agentes: lunch, rest, toilet, and others, as needed;
  • Inclusion or exclusion of online users in multiple rows (multiskill);
  • Prioritizing customer service in queue of incoming call;
  • Reports;
  • Login and logout of users;
  • Use of voice channels;
  • Most frequently incoming or outgoing numbers;
  • Amount of inbound and outbound calls, per group or user;
  • Real time queue, allowing the waiting queue’s management;
  • Call alert when the time allowed is exceeded;
  • Quality of customer service in line – average waiting time and number of calls abandoned in line, by the hour;
  • Number of inbound calls abandoned in the queue;
  • Average customer service time – connected time in productive status;
  • Service Level report;
  • Tabbing Report;
  • Integration via API for pop-up screens in inbound calls.