ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition)

The ASR, also known as Voice Portal, is a technology used in IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) to identify the words spoken by a person during a call. It is widely used in an options menu. If the customer says the name of the department he wants to speak with, the system detects the words and immediately transfers to the desired area.

This mechanism also serves to automate processes, for it offers the possibility to respond to questions with a simple “yes” or “no.” Thus, they can reach a pre-defined response in the IVR or a customer service of a department responsible for clarifying a certain subject.

Some of the advantages of the tool include:

  • Streamlines customer service;
  • No need to type commands into a menu;
  • Reduction of fowarding calls to agents because many doubts are solved in the IVR;
  • Monitoring Reports;
  • Easy setup;
  • Tracking of links.